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EcoloCap is a data driven company that is committed to providing businesses with innovative solutions that will enable them to save costs and become environment friendly.

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Provide Innovative Green Technologies ready for market


Trusted Partners with 30+ years of experience


Revenue Driven Executive staff

Market Knowledge

 Over 30 years of experience with bringing new products to market


Ability to adapt to quick market trends

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Expert Import/Export executives


We are among the first public companies in North America to offer effective and economical, fully integrated alternative energy solutions.  Our early positioning in this rapidly growing market is possible thanks to our breakthrough technologies, innovative products, and comprehensive management.

We are committed to superior performance in all aspects of our business, and continue to identify new business opportunities through the further development and deployment of environmentally significant products and projects.  Our business strategy is designed to provide the highest return on investment for shareholders and attract discerning investors and strategic partners.

Solar Powered Street Lights

Our Smart LED System combines our MPPT technology which allows 100hrs of use on a 4 hour charge.

M Fuel

An innovative suspension fuel that far exceeds all conventional fuels’ costs and inefficiencies. This environmentally-friendly and economical product is designed to offer fully scale-able and customizable fuel solutions.


Our system simply turns waste into high quality organic fertilizer. It is available for large enterprises as well as small home units.

Our Products

Our team of scientists are always innovating and creating new ways to save energy and save money. Our products are always designed to help businesses strive and save in areas that are often overlooked.

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Our Mission

We bring together the technology, engineering, and operational management for the successful development of environmentally significant products and projects, while earning above average returns for our shareholders.

  • To our Consumers:  We strive to provide quality products and services that represent exceptional value and consistently define industry standards.
  • To our Society:  We are dedicated to improving the environment through the products we produce and how we conduct our business.
  • To our Investors:  We are committed to creating value and sustaining the delivery of outstanding financial returns.


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