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EcoloCap Solutions brings together the innovation, engineering, and industry knowledge in order to create recycling solutions that significantly reduces our impact on the environment.

EcoloCap is focused on pioneering the organics recycling industry with our specialized remediation technology called Bio-ART. Our vision is to change the waste industries perception of organic material completely. Bio-ART is a cost-effective solution that diverts organic material from the landfill into a valuable soil-amendment/ fertilizer.

Organic materials—including food waste, manure, bio-solids, yard trimmings, soiled paper, and wood waste—are often forgotten when considering the three “Rs” of reducing, reusing, and recycling.  However, organic materials are the largest component of our solid waste stream, composing two-thirds of the solid waste stream. Recycling of organic materials is important due to the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions it offers.

When organic materials are sent to a landfill, they release large amounts of methane, a greenhouse gas 23 times more potent than Carbon Dioxide.  In comparison, when these organic materials are aerobically digested, in the presence of oxygen, only water vapor and CO2 are emitted.

Processing food waste into a soil amendment or compost is a significant greenhouse gas emission mitigation measure because it results in greater carbon sequestration in crop biomass, a decrease in the need for GHG-releasing fertilizers and pesticides, and a decline in energy-intensive irrigation. In addition, the soil microbial carbon pump moves carbon derived from microbial anabolism into the soil where it can become stabilized by the entombing effect.

Organics recycling is the next step for all waste management companies looking to implement zero waste and sustainable strategies into their business model.

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