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The fully integrated aerobic digestion technology.

Our system significantly reduces the time necessary to degrade organic waste by controlling the temperature, moisture, and input weight.

Temperatures are electronically controlled at 120-160 °F which will fully breakdown organic waste in days, instead of months. By the end of the seven day remediation process the input weight is reduced by as much as 66%.

The output is a nutrient rich compost often utilized in landscaping, horticulture and agriculture as a soil amendment and/or fertilizer.

Detailed Description of BioART Unit

EcoloCap’s Bio-ART technology includes two main sections including the in-vessel fermentation tank, and a pre-processing system.

The pre-processing equipment is designed to breakdown the feedstock in order to enhance optimal fermentation conditions within the vessel. The first stage is to load the hopper with your feedstock. The hopper then feeds the waste into the crusher and separating drum, which ejects plastic and non-organic ontaminants. When the waste is crushed into small pieces it is then mixed with a bulking agent consisting of saw dust and/or daily output until a 60-65% moisture content is achieved.

After being inoculated, a bucket elevator lifts and deposits the waste into the top the Bio-ART digester.

Within the Bio-ART digester temperatures are electronically controlled at 130-160F, this ensures all pathogens and seeds are destroyed. By agitating the waste with our specially designed stirring arms we can further enhance the decomposition process.

Our stirring arms inject hot air directly into the vessel producing a perfect environment for aerobic decomposition.

By the time the waste enters the bottom zone of the vessel it has cooled down significantly and is ready to exit the machine for pelleting and bagging. The waste exiting the machine is around 25-35% moisture, and is a high grade organic fertilizer fully decomposed and ready for land applications. The whole process takes 7 days, significantly less time than any other traditional composting system.


• Guaranteed product disinfection (pathogen reduction)• Small Footprint• Quick Installation• System modularity• 7 day processing time• Batch or continuous loading• Handles organics mixed with plastics• Output high grade organic fertilizer• Low labor and electrical costs• 66% reduction in weight at 65% moisture content• Computer controlled Moisture, Oxygen, and Temerature• Active nitrogen immobilization (increased market value)• Reliable environmental performance• No Leachate• Zero methane emissions and no odor

Installations in Korea

There are currently over 400 operational units that process 6,000 tons per day with an additional 50 units in construction.

A third factory is being built to keep up with the orders. The total Korean projected market is estimated at 10,000 units.

Installations in the United States

Our first installation of our system is located in Chicago, IL. The facility is operated by Lakeshore Recycling Systems. It will process 15 tons per day of organic municipal solid waste (MSW). After the initial phase, the goal will be to implement additional units to process 120 tons per day of organic MSW.

One Step Closer to a Better Earth.

Our innovative system not only helps reverse the effects of human activity on the environment, but also produces a profitable byproduct.

Bio-ART creates a valuable fertilizer/ soil amendment that contains a 2-1-1 ratio of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). The main ingredient in our byproduct is humus, which is an essential part of fertile soil. Humus is decomposed organic material that allows soil to retain moisture and slowly release nutrients as plants need them.